San Diego FaSoLa - Sacred Harp Singers
A group dedicated to the enjoyment of singing 4-part a capella hymns and anthems from The Sacred Harp.
Come and sing with us
Practice singings 3pm - 5pm,
except where noted.
Singings on 1st Sundays
suspended until further notice.
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New 3rd Sunday location added for September
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You don't have to be a polished singer to join in with Sacred Harp singing. While it doesn't hurt to be able to read standard music notation, many singers learn by ear. We sing from The Sacred Harp, a book first published in 1844, a collection of Early American Christian hymns and anthems, written explicitly for the "Singing Schools" of the era. We always have loaner copies available at all of our meetings (or "singings" as they are referred to).

While many of the songs have explicit Christian references, our group is non-denominational. Singers take from the singing whatever spiritual content fits for them.

Unfamiliar with Sacred Harp?   Check out this YouTube video:for a flavor of the sound and spirit of Sacred Harp singing.   There are many more recordings of Sacred Harp singing on YouTube and around the internet.

You may like to read Judy Getrich's essay "Mastering Sacred Harp", where she describes her experiences becoming with Sacred Harp singing.